Heidi Jones

SquadWOD Founder

Heidi’s philosophy on and off the workout floor is all about that positive push. She believes that the path to our best version is to flip that sneaky mental narrative when the workouts and/or life go dark and stormy. ‘The mind can be a tricky directive.  It will, all too often, not fuel our subconscious with the positive courage to tackle all that comes our way.  In fact, it will allow fear to loom large and create self-doubt.  Consequently, it will result in what I believe is an immobilization of your true self.’

One way Heidi has found to re-write the narrative is through fitness. ‘It’s been shown in my and my client’s lives that accomplishments on the court, track, field or in the gym aren’t left behind once the workout is over.’ Heidi believes we take those incredible highs or ‘a-ha’ moments with us and we use them when life handles us challenges.  ‘We have re-written our physical tolerance and that most definitely transfers over into our mental and emotional tolerance in life.’

Heidi is no stranger to that deep mental push.  She has been a runner since she was 9 years old, running competitively through a Division 1 college to completing more than 20 marathons, including multiple trips to the Boston marathon and ultimately into ultra marathoning.

Heidi has privately trained fitness clients and runners for half and full marathons for more than ten years.  She has also taught at multiple spin studios and CrossFit studios in New York City. Heidi has been CrossFitting since 2012 and loves how the sport, to her, mimics the intensity of her college workouts.  Her personal mantra is ‘what would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?’

‘what would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?’