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Tone House Squad WOD



Squad!  This is one of our founder’s personal weekly workouts and she wants to share it with you!

Saturday, January 12th the 1pm Tone House class will be built for US!

If you have NEVER been to TH before, you will get FIRST DIBS on signing up before the general public, plus a killer discount on the class!  

Signup details BELOW! Get in NOW before the general registration opens up!

To sign up for the class on Saturday January 12 at 1pm at the Upper East Side studio:
1. Go to and choose the 2 for 1 Rookie Pass (originally $45) and add it to your cart.

2. Add the code ROOKIEHOST in the discount code box for an extra $10 off so it comes out to $35. Sign up for the 1/12 1pm class here 

4. Once you are enrolled in the class, you will be all set plus have another class credit to use within 2 weeks of your Rookie Pass purchase. 
**If you are having any issues registering for the class please make sure you signed the general waiver in your account first, and that should resolve it. 

Also please note this class is 18+!

**If you have been to Tone House before, you must purchase a single class pass to enroll in the class.


Tone House workout

Jan 12th 1pm

Location: 201 East 71st St

Time: 1-2pm